Concept Drawings old and new

here are some drawings ive done for the Final Major Project. some are old (drawn last month) others have been drawn today and yesterday. ill start with the older ones. below are two concept drawings of exterior shots, one is of the boys dorm, and the second is of the print press with a bit of a cinema on the right.

below are two concept drawings for adult characters, teachers. the male is the initial headmaster concept design, the female is the school's history teacher. these two characters appear in the current draft of the pilot episode.

below is a concept drawing for the school papers editor, she appears breifly in the current draft of the pilot and is an older student who is constantly hungover, smoking and stressed out with her duties, though all she seems to do is bark orders and relax in her office

Ive not yet established a very good antagonist to my series yet but i drew some quick sketches of some characters with mean faces to get my ideas flowing.
the first is a concept for a hall monitor or prefect. in my draft episode, a character like this is written as a rival but isnt very antagonistic, with more development hopefuly a good design and character will evolve from these.

this is the latest design for Paul the protagonist and anti hero of the series, he is new to his school and is made to be the schools paper journalist. he is unhappy with his new suroundings and "friends" but decides to make the best of his situation and position as journalist in order to shame his enemies, gain noteriety and impress a girl he likes.

when i was just sketching out various female shapes and designs, i ended up with these two character which i will try and incorperate into the series. as i was having trouble with antagonistic elements, ive decided these two would definately be antagonists, perhaps the matipulating popular girls. or maybe they would be related to the head master and do his bidding in the school classrooms and corridors. hopefully ill think of something definate.

the girl paul is after is below, ive not established much of a character for her yet but from the 2nd draft of the pilot im writing, she makes an appearence and her involvement with a story Paul is forced to research, is the reason he decides to take the story seriously. and pretends to care in order to win her affections.

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