Moving things on

Still no work to post, i have started drawing a little screen shot looking drawing of my two main protagonists from "Cest Angleterre" and have been scribbling story or joke ideas down. will hopefully have the drawing up within a week just to make the new posts more intereting. when im not working on my private work im mostly stressing out or working with Alex and Jurate in Oddball Media, weve been asked to make two story boards of Viz strips so ive been learning how to doodle Sid the Sexist and Roger Mellie. I think im getting the hang of it but I've a few things to learn here and there with the design. when i can draw them with my eyes closed and think they look reasonably presentable, i'll be happy.

Back to work

When im not fixing up my new house, or getting work started with ODDBALL MEDIA Ive been writing scripts for my personal work in progress series, no new visual work these days unfortunately, hopefully ill start daily blog updates soon.