After Effects and Puppet Tools

Ive started working on backgrounds for Oddballs newest project, animated segs for an MS documetry. aswell as that, it looks like i might be alowed to work on some illustrations for a booklet about coping with cancer. ive started sketching ideas given to me on an email but have to wait till i sort out a meeting with the client before rushing in, so when im bored and have no internet, ive beengoing to the library of sunderland uni (they still let me in for a year after graduation) tonight i sat from 8 till now (1.21) on a walk cycle for a character i drew up a few days ago, ive started playing with the puppet tools and it is my first animation working with them, in future ill remember to draw big, but this was a test after all. its not finished as i didnt add fingers and a second foot. also there is no slow in slow out or ease but at least i have a nice bit of overlappin' to make it interesting, unfortunately, as im in a rush, extreemly tired and hungry to the point of pain, ive not looped the video. ive also not taken the time to look at the quality so i guess theres no point in putting it up, but ive already typed all this so i will anyway


Badseed said...

dan your blogs make you sound like a total bore lol. why dont you jazz them up with a bit of personality? VERY MATTER OF FACT love the walkcycle! wish you'd looped it though, do it today.

Anonymous said...

Nice secondary action on the hat and glasses (see I'm speaking in animation terms, check me out) seriously though nice work, I should experiment with after effects