Another After Effects Animation At Ridiculous Oclock

It's official. my daily trips to the uni library have destroyed my body clock. remember the bit in "Hook" when the little boy smashes clocks as a pantomime dustin hoffman watches? well thats me (the boy smashing the clocks) (and they are body clocks, not normal ones). Any way. ive been up all night doing this, its an after effects animation of a girl character from my 3rd year project. the purpose of the 'excercise' was to play with facial expressions. to be honest i think i would have been better off doing that on a character that wouldnt have so many bits that needed 2ndery animation ie the fucking hair. which still isnt right as i did it last and im very tired. all in all im quite happy one day ill actually finish one of these animations, each one is always mising something (hands, secondary animation, puppet tool etc) but the general purpose of starting has been acomplished.

i HAVE TO GET UP AT 7 OCLOCK AND ITS QARTER PAST FOUR. I GUESS THAT MEANS IM NOT GETTING UP AT 7, IM STAYING AWAKE. Oh well. a part of me is saying "don't go to the seminar in middlesborough!you need sleep, but that part of me should have said something a few hours earlier like "you need sleep now! for middlesborough awaits!" FUCK IT. ill have to just be very tired. Margret thatcher used to live on 4 hours sleep aparently, maybe i can do a few hours tonight. anyways this is boring talk.

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Bad Seed said...

i like it but her eyes shouldnt swivel all the way round. kinda makes her look a bit mental. they should ust roll to the left and stop, then she could blink and look right again... would be better i think :) CRIT