Cancer at the dinner table can be like an elephant in the room

unfortunately. my little animation broke down and i lost an hour or so's work. feeling annoyed at this, i decided to get some work done to show a client for tomorow. as i may have said in pevious posts im hoping to illustrate a booklet about coping with cancer. they dont want it all arty and flowery, they want it a bit more aproachable? basicly cartoony with a bit of humour. anyway, having read the booklet, there was a segment about a womans story and how she mentioned that having cancer was difficult because noone would want to talk about it, like an elephant in the room, so i drew this illustration that would obviously go into that bit. hope she likes it. i want this job. ive not bothered colouring it fully as i dont have my graphics tablet. but the idea is there anyway

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