This Week

This week. ive taken my life to the library where i have been working till UNGODLY OCLOCK. the reason being as its the only place i can work thats got peace quiet and of course internet. been doing it this whole week and its beginning to feel like fucking groundhog day. though to keep me distracted from working my eyes out, ive been playing loads of Machinarium which was given to me by my good friend (who also fights with me) Fran. If you have no idea what it is (although the only person who will read this is me and fran, i)i suggest strongly that you drool over its lovely backgrounds that are sickingly good heres an example.

today i drew this pencil drawing of my character from my 3rd year preproduction. its mostly for showing off to someone who wants me to illustrate. ive been putting a portfolio together with all my old work o what harm is a new one eh? here it is, after i post this up. ill be working on an animation of her, which i hope to have up by the end of the night.

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Bad Seed said...

haha very good. i love how no body reads these except us. OH WELL. we're cool to ourselves.