Kane Rip Off

I've started rewriting my Cest Langleterre scripts, so far ive managed the first five minutes or so of a pilot in which it sets everything up. the first scene is when Petulia, the antagonist wins a student election to be student president. For once i'm quite happy with my first drafted script as usually im always in turmoil and think that everything i write is utter shit. but im pleased with how this one is turning out. Anyways here is a scene i made of the stage.

Its kind of remanicant of Citizen Kane but that doesnt make me original or cool so dont think i was trying to be. ive also added some visual political "jokes" as it were by putting two famous campaign lines in French on the projectors on the stage Obama's "Yes we can" and Blair's "Things can only get better" HAW HAW HAW. i guess you'd only get it if you were French or could read French. but even if you where or did, its not even that funny, i just needed something to fill the gaps in them (i drew them without thinkning and left myself a hole to fill.)

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