Late Night Character Designs

What better for a Friday night than sitting with a cup of tea, a biscuit, a scary but insightful documentry called JESUS CAMP,and drawings some sketchy character designs. here's what i've got done. none of them are new except for one, its a minor character that ive written into my revampted "Cest Langleterre" (ive prob spelt that wrong, french innit)series. Her name is Blythe, a name i discovered when talking about character names to my friend and sole reader of this blog(hello). she's a downtrodden and virtually ignored by her peers and will basicly be a verbal punch bag and abuse magnet so i can write a bit of humour. but god love her she is so jolly none the less.

ive also started designing a sort of title. this rough sketch is an idea to make it out of mechanical or school related parts. ill try different methods, the laso tool on the letters has already made me think of making it out of magazine font letters like a ransom note, since the main characters work for a school magazine this is appropriate. its a shame i havnt bothered to make these a bit more presentable but i guess 70% of all design is the scribbly shit you do before the final anyway. so there you go!!! fucking enjoy it!

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