More Cancer Booklet Illustrations

Some concept art for a client. These are not the final drawings, just some ideas that i have sent to her to give an idea of what to expect.

This series of the same drawing was sent to show the variety of colour templates for block colouring.

I've worked on this one with a different style. I've tried to keep it close to my own but i developed a sort of new retro look like Dexters Lab or what have you. I don't expect to use this style all the time in my work, i just thought it would be nice to have this look for this particular project.

Im not happy with this particular drawing i need to think of a clearer way to illustrate this point. though i do like the idea of a load of doctors crowding round a manic looking patient.

This one i like, it's borderline disturbing and there's something about drawing a horse being electrocuted that makes me remember the old days when i drew stupid mental things. I'm glad this one was well received by the client because it is as i say a bit over the top. (at least i think some people would think so.)

That's all for now, im hoping to gte more done soon and redraw these ones to make them a better standard and also work on a better colour technique.


Bad Seed said...

nice wory dan. but that crase thing in the table cloth on the 1st image really annoys me :) hahaha

Bad Seed said...

also really like the face boook dad one, reminiscent of i hate things :P