Ive been doing a fair bit recently, and im trying to juggle my time into three different things, the MS backgrounds, the Cancer Booklet Illustrations and my own personal development. when im not doing that im sleeping or watching episode after episode of Soupy Norman, a weird Irish comedy show that dubbs over a polish soap programe.

these are two ideas for the cancer booklet, they look like they dont have anything to do with cancer and in a way they donet. but the booklet explains stories about certain people who have or have had it. rather than me attempting to draw people in clinics or getting chemo, ive decided to concentrate on illustrating these parts of the booklet.

Ive been drawing some old characters in a new way, basicly in a way that makes them more cartoony and therefore easier to animate as my more illustrative style is a bit too much. these are ones i drew up last night. obviously they arent bastardisations of my original characters but there are some changes, ive also started re writing the bass for the stories they are in (AGAIN)

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Bad Seed said...

nice stuff dan, youre far too productive for my liking...