Ive not been to the cinema in a while and there is lots i want to see (the road)and or need to see (Avatar, although i do beleive i wont like it, but need my opinion of it all the same) anyways. iv almost got all my illustrations for the cancer job done. i think another three will be good enough to tie it all off. heres a preview of one of them. again, not really related to cancer when you look at it (and isnt really at all) but it will sit nicely with a section of the text in the booklet.

This obviously isnt finished the shading is absent and the background hasnt even been started, i just threw an awful quick photoshop thing together to give the idea. the real background will have nice parodys of film posters so im looking forward to getting some thought done for those.

Judging by the look of the next (thats right next) shrek film, it would be as criminal for me not to parody it as it was criminal for dreamworks to milk another fucking film out of that very dead in the water franchise.

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