Stuff What I Done

Ive been plowing on with Lip Syncing for this MS documentry but ive also been managing to squeeze out some of my own independent work. firstly heres some rough sketches of a cave background ive been working on for the Witches PART 2 project. they went for the cave over the kitchen so ive been thinking of things for that shot and thought i may as well throw on a missmatch of things on a single image

Also ive been re working (yet again) my main characters for the Alternative History series concept, ive been mostly writing for this but thought of drawing another batch of character design ideas

Also ive started writing an idea thats allowing me to work on dark humour and scifi etc. Im starting on the concept of a family moving to a rural town where all the "weird stuff" happens. so ive been getting characters doen for that. here are some initial drawings ive done (NOTE !!! none of these drawings are based on my own family life no way at all. not one iota)

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