Today's Progress

Obviously im too tired after today to type stuff about this. its the background for the witches animation PART 2. the initial cave and where im up to NOW!

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Bad Seed said...

here's my CRITIQUE.
while i like all the textures. they are TOO RICH. your character is duller than your background and its distracting...
also i dont think you should use the real texture for everything in the scene. Like youve used SACk texture on a sack and so on. Distracting again. I think sometimes its best to use a generic texture that you can't really identify. or lower the saturation on the colours or the contrast at least...

i know you've tried to make it look really rich and detailed which is GOOD [i see the machinarium influence lol] but i think in this case its a bit too much. the stone floor for example, would be better without a real texture..and just something generic that gives it depth and ties it in with everything else but keeps your eye away from it.
see i like how youve done the barrel because its not just a picture of WOOD, slapped on a barrel. youve just coloured it in and used a subtle texture + shading to make it look real.

do you get me? sorry to pull apart your work like that but you did ask lol. I think its a v good start but you just have to be careful o your backgrounds becoming overbearing in the scene...after all a good background compliments the characters and shouldnt be the first thing you notice.

the end :)