this is the latest concept drawing for Warrick. Warrick isn't really a main character and i havn't written much of him in the scripts but he is a sort of antagonist to Carlton. he's one of the school's senior prefects and is extreemly loyal to his duties. he doesn't get on well with CArlton as Carlton tends to break school rules, particularly truancy. But in some cases (in scripts ive only outlined but not written) he and Carlton join up, either to work in solidarity for a mutual goal or because they need something off one another. it's like that Tom and Jerry dynamic when in some cartoons, they would stop fighting, shake hands and go after the black cat, then in the next episode they'd be after each other.


I thought id do one more drawing before getting my day sorted. i literally ahve nothing to eat in my house except butter and pasta, its time to shop i think. again this is rough and sketchy but i like doing things like that for now, ive no tablet so i cant really colour and shade them. plus i get more done and free up my drawing as i go.

The Boredom Got to me

My day off isn't exactly a day off. Ive decided to put pencil to paper. but i'll leave it there as everytime i try to draw over neatly, my shakey hand messes it up. so heres a preview of a newly dressed Caoimhe i'll put up. i've made a desision that her clothes needed to be more (and i regret to admit it) steampunky. simply because its the best way to give her a slightly tomboyish look ie big belts and bass buttons and trousers under the skirt etc. In my latest scripts ive made her the newspapers photographer instead of Felix, (who is now more of a minor character in the new scriots ive written.) i realsied trying to make him a main character was too much work. so ive phased him out a bit and put Caoimhe in as the photojournalist. she is forced by Petulia to work for the school newspaper with carlton after applying to join the photography club. she wants to be knownas an arty photographer but is stuck taking cheesy money shots and embarrasing photos of students. she ends up being better at journalism than Carltona and the pair have a rivalry as Carlton is pretty crap but thinks he is great.

MS animations done!

It's been a good few weeks but finally our Ms documentry animations are done and dusted and ready to send off. today is my first day without anything i dont know wether to take the day off or start writing aagin now that i have free time (Ironicly, i woke at 8am today, two hours earlier than my usual time, and on the day when i dont have to get up early) unfortunately ive nothing to show on this post. ive just made it to keep up the routine of updating, maybe some drawings will be done today if the boredom gets to me.

More Concept Sketches

New Concept drawings

the weekend has been extreemly lax, ive spent it mostly in my bed watching the wire and recovering. next week is the big push to get our MS documentry done then my mate from greece is stayin for the week, then im off home to see the family, drink iwth some friends and get a bit of business plan done with my dad (who is a busines consultant) so it wont just be 100% an excuse to waste a week. ive not added anything in a while as ive been busy but i was bored and thought id start drawing concept scenes in order to get my head working again on Cest Langlettere stuff. the images will be for an episode ive only written in vague outline form but watching the wore has given me a few inspirations on how to tackle it as a story as the episode is a parody on street drug dealing. only with sweets in school, not real drugs obviously. with all this healthy eating stuff going on it will be nice to parody that aswel. anyway here are some ruff ruff drawings. one of a sweety deal in the school corridors and the other of Carlton investigating where the supply of "illegal" sweets comes from.

Another Petulia drawing

just another pose for Petulia the popular flapper slapper.

3 am work

hello its late but im not tired. had a dull day, doing a very small amount of work, then doing a bit of independent drawing. then watched the film i cant remember how to pronounced but has morgan freeman and rugby in it. of course that makes me sound like i didnt like the film (i did) i just cant rememebr the name, a stab at it would be invictous? anyway, i worked on this today, trying to vamp up my protagonist for "Cest Langleterre" note that although i HAVE just watched princess and the frog this week, this very 20s style was one i had already intended for this character i think the film has simply prompted me to work on her. theres something about her ive not quite encaptulated but i guess a mood board would be the next step, as she tends to go from smiley and nice to utter high school bitch like that (snap my fingers)id also like to point out that ive not yet shaded her. but as ive said it is LATE and i feel tired now.

Week of Backgrounds

This week ive been concentrating on the backgrounds for the two animations im on. this weekend and next week will be lip syncing mayhem but its ok because i surprisingly enjoy it. plus it will be nice to lip sync another character other than Simon Donald and some ugly buck toothed game show host. here are two backgrounds. the cave background as it looks now with the new rustic, slightly collapsing work table and the background of the MS documentry.

Cave Background again

still getting this cave background sorted. added more bit n pieces which will need colouring and colour tweaking. still have more to draw and add in incuding pots and jugs that will hang from above, but ill wait to see how jurates final character sits within the composition before i go drawing it, either that or i can draw them seperately and move them if they end up getting in the way of her as she moves from left to right as she talks in the segments. on a completely sepearate issue and topic, i found out about a woman in america called ANN COULTER who is quite MAD and frankly ahs to be seen and heard to be beleived, the good thing is that history will remember her for nothing more than a mad woman, and her beleifs are harmless as she's a lunatic.

My Scene Your Scene we all scream for My scene

Ive decided to draw modern characters for a laugh and maybe see where taking the piss out of social scenes (particularly ones associated with students) brings me. maybe ill get a story out of it one day. heres a rough pencil drawing for you to LOL at. " OMG! Total epic this is!" etc etc. will have him coloured soon and maybe some fun other drawings will follow.

Cave Background

Here's the cave as it is now, mended a bit but still not done. got more colour and opacity levels "futering" to do aswel as some more props on the table.