3 am work

hello its late but im not tired. had a dull day, doing a very small amount of work, then doing a bit of independent drawing. then watched the film i cant remember how to pronounced but has morgan freeman and rugby in it. of course that makes me sound like i didnt like the film (i did) i just cant rememebr the name, a stab at it would be invictous? anyway, i worked on this today, trying to vamp up my protagonist for "Cest Langleterre" note that although i HAVE just watched princess and the frog this week, this very 20s style was one i had already intended for this character i think the film has simply prompted me to work on her. theres something about her ive not quite encaptulated but i guess a mood board would be the next step, as she tends to go from smiley and nice to utter high school bitch like that (snap my fingers)id also like to point out that ive not yet shaded her. but as ive said it is LATE and i feel tired now.

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Bad Seed said...

hehee cool drawing, i like it.. Its now 10 to 6 and i am wide awake courtesy of my drunk housemates. So i a doing some latenight/early morning work myself haha. This is nice :)