The Boredom Got to me

My day off isn't exactly a day off. Ive decided to put pencil to paper. but i'll leave it there as everytime i try to draw over neatly, my shakey hand messes it up. so heres a preview of a newly dressed Caoimhe i'll put up. i've made a desision that her clothes needed to be more (and i regret to admit it) steampunky. simply because its the best way to give her a slightly tomboyish look ie big belts and bass buttons and trousers under the skirt etc. In my latest scripts ive made her the newspapers photographer instead of Felix, (who is now more of a minor character in the new scriots ive written.) i realsied trying to make him a main character was too much work. so ive phased him out a bit and put Caoimhe in as the photojournalist. she is forced by Petulia to work for the school newspaper with carlton after applying to join the photography club. she wants to be knownas an arty photographer but is stuck taking cheesy money shots and embarrasing photos of students. she ends up being better at journalism than Carltona and the pair have a rivalry as Carlton is pretty crap but thinks he is great.

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