New Concept drawings

the weekend has been extreemly lax, ive spent it mostly in my bed watching the wire and recovering. next week is the big push to get our MS documentry done then my mate from greece is stayin for the week, then im off home to see the family, drink iwth some friends and get a bit of business plan done with my dad (who is a busines consultant) so it wont just be 100% an excuse to waste a week. ive not added anything in a while as ive been busy but i was bored and thought id start drawing concept scenes in order to get my head working again on Cest Langlettere stuff. the images will be for an episode ive only written in vague outline form but watching the wore has given me a few inspirations on how to tackle it as a story as the episode is a parody on street drug dealing. only with sweets in school, not real drugs obviously. with all this healthy eating stuff going on it will be nice to parody that aswel. anyway here are some ruff ruff drawings. one of a sweety deal in the school corridors and the other of Carlton investigating where the supply of "illegal" sweets comes from.

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