i've not posted anything in a while. we were busy on finishing our multple sclerosis animation and then i went home. in the last few weeks ive been working on my own independant writing and 2d line tests to keep myself in a productive flow as i don't have any work on. i've replied to a few ads and competitions but have either been rejected or havent heard from the reciprients. oh well. here is a link to a short reel of work from our now COMPLETED ms doc animation.

also i was at a showing of the witches in south shields. it was great, not only was seeing the animation jurate and i worked on on the big screen great, but also seeing the 4 great educational and entertaining episodes that asynchronous films worked so hard to produce and film was great aswel.

here is a link to our ms documentry showreel on ODDBALL MEDIAs webiste blog.

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