Heres a rough sketch of my main and supporting characters for a story i'm trying to develop about 4 to 15 year olds building their own society in POST APOCALYPTIC ness. yes i've stepped into that world but theres not going to be the usual crap in that genre like mutants, lazers, goggles and jazz music. Im trying to make it character driven rather than content driven. so heres all but three of the essential characters all together in one shot. from left to right, Sheriff Reynolds, the Clawson twins, Callum, Andrew, The Mullan family, David, Kerry, Francis (with sister Karrie sleeping)and Ryan and finally Elisha. I need to add Martin, Mark (who ive not finalized yet) and Boyd but ive already drawn her sitting anyway so ill just add that drawing after when im ready to draw it neatly and colour it.

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