Wizard of Oz Character Designs

Continuing on with my character sketches to keep me drawing, I've decided to start on characters from well known stories (preferably from the public domain)
Ive started with the main characters from the Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite stories as a wee kid.

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Anthony Delgado said...

Hey man, this is an awesome drawing. I wanted to know if I could borrow it to use for our church's Vacation Bible School this summer. It's a kids program.

Our theme is 'Follow the Roman Road', a take off of the Wizard of Oz. My sister is a professional costumer and does some real quarky stuff. Thought this artwork matches our style pretty well--and it looks great on our flier.

Anyway, please email me at adelgado@myccol.org and let me know if this is OK and if you would require a royalty (hopefully not, we don't have much budget.)

-Anthony Delgado
-Youth Pastor
-Cornerstone Church of Littlerock