Drew and Coloured this under 3 hours, not sure how the idea came,
I just wanted to draw hair underwater and everything else just came as I drew.
Trying my hand at more photo realistic faces





Some illustrations (after a long absence)

here are some recent drawings Ive done after an absence from this site, I have been using Deviant art a bit more lately:


Work and doodles that I've done recently

 Here's a few images of work that I have done both for clients and for my own personal projects/ practice sketches.

Clara's Ugly Monster

I recently Illustrated a children's book called "Clara's Ugly Monster, here is the link to Amazon so have a look. It's a great story that children and parents will love!

Recent Sketch drawings

I've been busy with some children's books and other jobs lately, but I've found some time to get some independent sketches done to keep myself creative and productive

Recent character sketches

Decided to do a few generic kid characters that would fit in with my post apocalyptic universe. 4 boys and four boys. want to do more of these, they were much fun to draw.

New Sketch page

Added a few more sketches to my sketch files, managed to fill a page so decided i'd post it. I don't think its my best but I've been using this week to get back into a drawing mood after a long hiatus.

Character head sketches

I've been sketching out some original character sketches over the last few nights, here are  a dozen that i've done, some ive never even drawn before but all are from the same story idea that has been building in my head for the last year now.

Keith and Elisha, character concepts

Wanted to try out a variation on colouring today, so took my Saturday night and Sunday to draw these and colour them, Stock photos are something I' going to have to tell my brain to find more often, I can not draw braids from imagination AT ALL.