Carlton Walk Cycle, improoved

ive re drew Carltons walk cycle, ive added more bounce and a bit more personality, i wanted to make him walk like he was a bit fed up so i hunched him over slightly and had his arms dangle down with his shoulders lowered

Latest Walk Cycle

This is the latest walk cycle ive done but ive run out of paper so the last trace (that i add followthrough to) doesnt exist. but here it is so far anyway

Second Walk Cycle

the second, and best walk cycle ive done so far is this one, theres a few wee details in the lines that arent up to scratch but then, im under alot of time contraint and am not a disney animator so ill forgive myself.

First Walk Cycle

This is the forst walk cycle i did of the main protagonist Carlton. it's quite basic and lacks arm movement, also a failed attempt to "cheat" in animation has left a jump in his walk. im going to go back and redo it as soon as i buy more paper. and ill add more followthrough with his head and arms, also, since he looks fed up im planning on adding aslight hunch to his back and dropping his shoulders a little to add a bit of character as he looks a bit mechanical. sorry about the low quality.

Exterior Background

I drew this building a month or so ago, but i just today retraced it, adding details and shading and have spent all day colouring it in photoshop. it is the exterior shot of the dormatory, one of the main buildings of the series. the home of many of the characters.

More Turn Arounds

Basicly my turnarounds, some coloured, some not yet.

Backgrounds with lighting

I was bored the other day and just touched up some previous background designs i did. just using a transparent brush on photoshop.

Turn Arounds

Basicly speaks for itself. more character design sheets

1 more expression sheet

unfortunately my adobe suite has decided it no longer wants to work on my laptop, so my production rate has decreased. luckily i have photoshop back so ive been able to scan some images ans make a new expression sheet. ive got a walk cycle done also but ill upload them in good time, im waiting for something to load so i decided id just post up this. as its the only fully completed thing iove done in a while.

Design Sheets

Ive finalised all my characters and so have started working on my Design sheets, these will include, colour models, construction sheets, turn arounds, expressions and action poses for my 6 characters. lots to do but here is the first, an expression sheet for the main character, Carlton.

2nd background

Here is my second background concept, of a history classroom, its not as good as my first as it was quite rushed, so the lines are blunt, the shading is non existant and i didnt bother with lighing and that, oh well, it says everything it needs to as it is.