Another Establishing shot

Working on my animation bible now, so im basicly doing tons of concept art for it, starting with finisheing off my exterior shots of the various locations, here's one


Started drawing this last night, just finished it. it's the student dorm kitchen, quite a typical students kitchen really, as a student, i know.

Random drawing

just did a random drawing the other day becasue im sick of walk cycles. plus i need to start drawing my characters together, so here is one.

Turnarounds and expression sheets that need getting out of the way

ive gone and bought myself an xbox so this weekend ive been very distracted. but ive managed to punch out a turn around and a couple of expression sheets today, at least its something.

Another Background

i've been animating mostly this week, but ive taken breaks here and there throughout the week to get this background done. its similar to my last one but it's a different building within the same campus. this one is the main academic building where the classrooms are.