Terraced House finally complete

So since Monday ive been working on colouring Jurates drawing of a row of modern Terraced houses. I was hoping to have two done by Wednesday but obviously that was a JOKE! but at least i have one done now and its the bigger of the two so the next one wont take as long. ive also realised that i can stop drawing individual bricks and just paste real bricks under the drawing. I think that saved me a full day. Anyways, onto housing terrace number 2.


Ive decided to make a start on the modern Buildings, ie anything from the beginning of the 20th century. In my list ive things like, Nuclear Plant Coolers, Wind Farms, glass buildings, etc, etc. Ive drawn these modern Buildings, a Subway, cleverly disguised as "Slopway" HAHAHA! IM SO FUNNY ETC. and a cinema from 1939 (obvious from whats being shown) hopefully the pan wont be so fast that you wont be able to make out my wonderful JOKE and my culteral references to films. and hopefully MGM wont come banging on my door to sue me for using thier posters on my animation.


More houses from the 16th Century

Few more of the old houses that ive done today. Have a lot more to do but i think i need to start on more modern buildings, as the pan through the buildings will be quick, many of the buildings will be reused like the Flintstones, so i think i have enough of the tudor buildings for now.

New Building

Just did this Victorian Town house today. may aswel add it.

I'm currently doing building designs for the backgrounds to a title sequence, i have to draw a range of buildings from medieval to modern. here are some that ive done so far. Thanks to the newly discovered burn tool, my style has improved i think.