Some more Characters

I posted an image of four characters form "Cest Langleterre" a while ago, so i decided to add the last three on this post. they are Hewitt, Blythe and Becky. the latter two are the more minor characters and only appear on about two pages worth of the script im writing at the moment, however i intend to use them regularly.Hewitt, is in every episode and works the print rollers for the school magazine.

Elephant in the Room

Here is the final Elephant in the room illustration. ive not got much to say because it is Christmas Eve and i want to be doing NOTHING. and not typing nonsense into this blog like im bloody doing now!

Kane Rip Off

I've started rewriting my Cest Langleterre scripts, so far ive managed the first five minutes or so of a pilot in which it sets everything up. the first scene is when Petulia, the antagonist wins a student election to be student president. For once i'm quite happy with my first drafted script as usually im always in turmoil and think that everything i write is utter shit. but im pleased with how this one is turning out. Anyways here is a scene i made of the stage.

Its kind of remanicant of Citizen Kane but that doesnt make me original or cool so dont think i was trying to be. ive also added some visual political "jokes" as it were by putting two famous campaign lines in French on the projectors on the stage Obama's "Yes we can" and Blair's "Things can only get better" HAW HAW HAW. i guess you'd only get it if you were French or could read French. but even if you where or did, its not even that funny, i just needed something to fill the gaps in them (i drew them without thinkning and left myself a hole to fill.)

Some final Illustrations

between doing drawing and colouring for the MS animation and doing some of my own writing and drawing, ive been trying to gte as many illustrations done as i can. here are some of the final one's ive squeezed out since the weekend.


Decided that i REALLY need to get started on final drawings for the Cancer Booklet. so ive been at this one today, im not to happy with the shading as it was done last and i kinda wanted to get it done quickly to start drawing another.

its to illustrate a story in the booklet about the change in family life following the diagnosis of cancer. the father has to help around the house more and therfore, his relationship with thier daughters gets better, they chat on facebook with each other loads, because of this though, the mother who was diagnosed becomes quite resentful of it.

Beagle 2

a quick idea of the Beagle 2 that will lie on the mars Background for the MS project.

Late Night Character Designs

What better for a Friday night than sitting with a cup of tea, a biscuit, a scary but insightful documentry called JESUS CAMP,and drawings some sketchy character designs. here's what i've got done. none of them are new except for one, its a minor character that ive written into my revampted "Cest Langleterre" (ive prob spelt that wrong, french innit)series. Her name is Blythe, a name i discovered when talking about character names to my friend and sole reader of this blog(hello). she's a downtrodden and virtually ignored by her peers and will basicly be a verbal punch bag and abuse magnet so i can write a bit of humour. but god love her she is so jolly none the less.

ive also started designing a sort of title. this rough sketch is an idea to make it out of mechanical or school related parts. ill try different methods, the laso tool on the letters has already made me think of making it out of magazine font letters like a ransom note, since the main characters work for a school magazine this is appropriate. its a shame i havnt bothered to make these a bit more presentable but i guess 70% of all design is the scribbly shit you do before the final anyway. so there you go!!! fucking enjoy it!

More Cancer Booklet Illustrations

Some concept art for a client. These are not the final drawings, just some ideas that i have sent to her to give an idea of what to expect.

This series of the same drawing was sent to show the variety of colour templates for block colouring.

I've worked on this one with a different style. I've tried to keep it close to my own but i developed a sort of new retro look like Dexters Lab or what have you. I don't expect to use this style all the time in my work, i just thought it would be nice to have this look for this particular project.

Im not happy with this particular drawing i need to think of a clearer way to illustrate this point. though i do like the idea of a load of doctors crowding round a manic looking patient.

This one i like, it's borderline disturbing and there's something about drawing a horse being electrocuted that makes me remember the old days when i drew stupid mental things. I'm glad this one was well received by the client because it is as i say a bit over the top. (at least i think some people would think so.)

That's all for now, im hoping to gte more done soon and redraw these ones to make them a better standard and also work on a better colour technique.


Ive been doing a fair bit recently, and im trying to juggle my time into three different things, the MS backgrounds, the Cancer Booklet Illustrations and my own personal development. when im not doing that im sleeping or watching episode after episode of Soupy Norman, a weird Irish comedy show that dubbs over a polish soap programe.

these are two ideas for the cancer booklet, they look like they dont have anything to do with cancer and in a way they donet. but the booklet explains stories about certain people who have or have had it. rather than me attempting to draw people in clinics or getting chemo, ive decided to concentrate on illustrating these parts of the booklet.

Ive been drawing some old characters in a new way, basicly in a way that makes them more cartoony and therefore easier to animate as my more illustrative style is a bit too much. these are ones i drew up last night. obviously they arent bastardisations of my original characters but there are some changes, ive also started re writing the bass for the stories they are in (AGAIN)