for the last few days i've been drawing this, it was mostly an attempt at making photoshop backgrounds look painted, using various layers in different opacities and brush colours.


Ive been researching images of the Blitz's in world war two and thought of drawing up a piece based on it. the stories of the children that livd through it has always interested me and im considering researching more and maybe writing a story based on it.This image took three days to do and though i cut corners with textures for the walls, im pleased to say that every brick in the rubble is hand drawn (though they are copy and pasted to make depth )


here's a piece of concept art i drew today. i started off just wanting to draw water and after getting annoyed with working out perspective i decided to draw this head on layout of a worn old pier. the drawing was also a chance for me to work out my ongoing experiments with how to incorperate texture. though there are a few bits that can be worked on, toned down and even re-done, it is just an experiment.

My attempts at illustrator

Ive been messing about with illustrator lately for two reasons,
one, to get finally get my head around it

two, theres a chance ill have to learn it for future work.

here are my first illustrator drawings. one of a typical character i would normaly draw, the others of animals in a childrens style.

Building drawing

for the past two days ive been drawing this, it started off as a test piece to try out some things on photoshop but as soon as i got started i had to keep going. thing is, its not 100% done yet, i could stop now and be happy but i think it needs more ie gutters and an old victorian lamp here and there, and pipes to make it look more in keeping with the theme of the story it would be sett in, i should also use this as an opertunity to see how characters would look with the backgrounds.

Concept Characters and a random background drawing

heres some new work. two are concept images of an animation ill be doing soon of the frog prince, the other is a random background drawing istarted doing out of boredom and led to what it is.

More random old-timey characters

Aside from the nursry Rhyme animations i've been doing, ive still managing to carry on with some random character designs. these were the last batch i did a few days ago. some have a few problems with the anatomy etc but with the excercise, i focused more on playing with lighting techniques with brushes and coming up with as many ways of characterization and clothing for various characters.

An aviator and a sailor

Ive decided to draw various character designs that fit into the Cest Langleterre concept i work on (basicly kids in an alternate history in the early 20th century) the two ive recently drawn are kids obsessed with two big forms of transport of the 1900s-1920s aviation and sailing. i guess my next one will have to be a boy who's mad about trains.

Concept Art for Hey Diddle Diddle

Heres some character design concepts for my latest animation, Hey Diddle Diddle for OxbridgeBaby

Carlton Character sheet

Ive decided to work on some character sheets. This one is of Carlton French

The three billy goats gruff

here are some concept designs for a childrens story im making of the 3 billy goats gruff.

here is my design progress of the troll.

the initial design was too scary so the ones below are the final, fixed versions that are less scary for young children.

this is a background concept. now im finishing my rough storyboards and have begun working on the backgrounds for the final film.

Recent Times

Its been a while. my laptop has been unable to work the internet so ive not been posting. ive been working on a few things as well as writing and drawing my own material.

Ive been working on logo designs for a dj set in newcastle called made by robots.

and also have begun designing characters for a short animation for children of the 3 billy goats gruff. here are initial rough ideas.

More Characters and backgrounds

Here are a few other character designs drawn entirely with the tablet that i have lying in the depths of my hardrive. two characters and a background are for the C'est L'Angleterre idea and the other is for my new children's animation set in Ancient Egypt and follows the adventures of a nine year old Pharaoh. (pictured below.)

Character Design Concepts

Starting to develop an idea for a script for kids about kids, based on experiences me and my friends/ co writers' childhoods. so this week on the side i've been playing around with some character designs and techniques using the graphics tablets. these are three concepts along with a background to liven this image up. Haven't got much of the show down yet but were thinking of wetting it in the late nineties as trying to depict modern kids would only annoy us because we want them getting lost etc and with every brat owning an iphone these days that wouldn't really happen.

These are three characters loosely based on my friends of the time.

Robot Designs

Here are a few concept ideas for Robot designs that i am working on to promote a techno night in Newcastle. These designs along with others are hopefully going to get the ball rolling with the clients on what kind of design elements from each idea they like, don't like or want.

Children's Animation Character Designs

Im writing a script for a children's animation set in Ancient Egypt. today ive scanned and coloured two concept designs of the two main supporting characters. will have the main protagonist (who is a 9 year old pharaoh) up soon.

this is Thoth, the God of Letters and Learning and the teacher of the Pharaoh.

This is Neferkare, the Pharaoh's selfish and greedy cat who believes himself to be a God.

Bit of character Concept

Managed to get a hold of a graphics tablet at last. did a bit of work on a drawing of Carlgton that ive had rotting away. just finished messing with it. this is my first drawing completely drawn with the tablet and im happy with it. I even spruced it up with a background.

Also have been working on logo and font design for a TEchno night in Newcastle. i's been interesting as im not really used to designing these kind of things. exciting too, wont put up my design concepts for a while until the client sees tehm though.


Heres a few characters. from left to right: Warrick, Petulia and Carlto. the two on the right are the main antagonist and protagonist. Warrick is a secondary character and serves as a rival of Carlton. my design of Warrick has changed considerably as i thought the mohawk would best suit a character i have who is a school bully. so i've given Warrick a typical slick teachers pet hairdo. ive changes Petulia's colour as Carlton is also green and i want the main characters to all have various colour themes. Carlton is green, Felix is now red, Hewitt olive and brown colour

More C'est l'angletere

more drawings from the weekend. these are from my ongoing, ever changing series idea Cestlangleterre set in the 20s in an alternate history timeline. ive been trying to adapt my character design on the whole so here are some sketchy concepts. unfortunately i don't have a tablet yet so all these recent posts are in thier black and white sketch form. i hope to have some nice finished designs by the weekend.