Today's Progress

Obviously im too tired after today to type stuff about this. its the background for the witches animation PART 2. the initial cave and where im up to NOW!

Stuff What I Done

Ive been plowing on with Lip Syncing for this MS documentry but ive also been managing to squeeze out some of my own independent work. firstly heres some rough sketches of a cave background ive been working on for the Witches PART 2 project. they went for the cave over the kitchen so ive been thinking of things for that shot and thought i may as well throw on a missmatch of things on a single image

Also ive been re working (yet again) my main characters for the Alternative History series concept, ive been mostly writing for this but thought of drawing another batch of character design ideas

Also ive started writing an idea thats allowing me to work on dark humour and scifi etc. Im starting on the concept of a family moving to a rural town where all the "weird stuff" happens. so ive been getting characters doen for that. here are some initial drawings ive done (NOTE !!! none of these drawings are based on my own family life no way at all. not one iota)


Ive not been to the cinema in a while and there is lots i want to see (the road)and or need to see (Avatar, although i do beleive i wont like it, but need my opinion of it all the same) anyways. iv almost got all my illustrations for the cancer job done. i think another three will be good enough to tie it all off. heres a preview of one of them. again, not really related to cancer when you look at it (and isnt really at all) but it will sit nicely with a section of the text in the booklet.

This obviously isnt finished the shading is absent and the background hasnt even been started, i just threw an awful quick photoshop thing together to give the idea. the real background will have nice parodys of film posters so im looking forward to getting some thought done for those.

Judging by the look of the next (thats right next) shrek film, it would be as criminal for me not to parody it as it was criminal for dreamworks to milk another fucking film out of that very dead in the water franchise.

Textures and Shade

Ive added wall and floor textures and added shade by adding a new layer at 30% opacity and drawing over iit in a black brush tool. all i have to do now is add little details here and there for the props in the kitchen but as this is ajust a concept drawinga nd i have lip syncing to get on with for the MS documentry animation, ill send this image off to asynchronous films for them to see, along with jurate's concept designs for the character.

Scene Coloured

Heres the Kitchen scene all coloured, not to add shade, texture and play with the colour levels and saturation. back in a few hours......

More Background Concepts

Today ive been progressing on with my backgrounds for this new project.

Ive quickly photoshopped all the layers together and made this image to post up on the blog for EVERYONE to see.

Hopefully tomorow a full colour one will be up and sent to the film company who've hired us.

Excellent news

Jurate and I have been asked to ceate a short animation. the animation will be a follow on from the Witches Project we did a few months ago. it will be about 35 seconds and fairly straight forward. this week though ive been getting loads of work done for the MS documentry but ive managed to get some sketches and very quick concept ideas for the setting of this new Witches animation, there will be one background and it will be either a cave or a kitchen, prefrebly id like the kitchen idea to go ahead but here are some rough concept sketches to get a vague idea across.

A few more illustrations

here are a few more illustrations, i need to pee and cant be bothered with explanations right now, but here they are. al i wil say is that the one with the guy running is MEANT to be eddie izzard, that was the best caracature i could do after 2000000 attempts.

C'est L'angleterre Background

Here is a background ive been working on over the week. its not finished but i cropped a bit of it and took out the staircase that's in the foreground so that i could post it up on here for now. im concentrating more on writing on my own time so i wont be able to finish the whole scene for a while i rekon.

More Cancer Illustrations

Here are some more illustrations for the Cancer booklet. two are better versions of the original drawings, and one is a newer one that goes with a paragraph about a recovering patient who wanted to get out and do the "here and now" and not waste a moment of life, first thing that pops to mind with people like that is jumping out of planes with a rucksack on thier back form some reason, so i did someone doing that.