final petulia concept

More Character Design Pre Production

Heres a few pre production drawings. one of the three protagonists of my pilot script and the other is a set of poses of Caoimhe who will be introduced in a following script im working on now aswel.

Blythe 2010

my second drawing of Blythe. originally there was Blythe the secretary for the print office, and Becky, Petulia's PA but now Blythe is Petulia's PA and there is no secretary. just was unnecessary to have two thick bints getting ordered about. i also have realised that BLYTHE DOLLS exist so i incorperated a bit of thier design to Blythe, mostly the headshape and the no eyebrows over huge eyes. shes pretty much unchanged though.

i need a graphics tablet

heres another drawing. used a different meathod to do this character to try out any other possible ways of doing this thing before i story board. this is one i like.

New Script written. onto the preproduction

Last week i shut myself away and wrote. i have my latest draft finished of a pilot episode of "C'est L'anglettere and so ive decided to get back into drawing and im doing preproduction before i storyboard the script. ive started laying out plans of the sets and drew a set of one of the main rooms in the script, the print room. ive also drawn quick sketches and one coloured. of three one-off characters in the story. they are three boys seeking the attention of the antagonist. they are John the posh looking student, Arthur the captain of the cricket team and Quincey a Creole student. i should add that Quinceys musket is a BB gun. i know americans like shooting other students with real guns but this isnt that kind of story.

My Day of Drawing

Today ive been drawing characters. here is a collection of finished ones. well. considering they are rough graphite drawings, they are finished.

this one is of a character of an idea i had from about a month ago. after reading about ancient egypt at 2am i thought of an animation set back then about a cat who either is or is mistaken to be a God. will need to work on the whole concept all i have are loads of drawings of cats with crowns. this is the best and latest design.

this is my latest drawing of Hewitt a main character from my alternate history animation. below is another one of Warrick. i haven't changed him much but decided, after scripting a few days ago that he needs to be older.

this is a turn around, or at least part of a turnaround for another main character Caoimhe.

Below are three characters i drew for a laugh at the end of the day, they are based on characters from a very poor grad film a guy the year abouve me in uni did. its entitled UNISEX and is about the exploits of two clost homosexuals on the pull. myself, archie and chris have made this concept our own over the years and have changed it so much and added so much they may aswel be our characters. anyways here they are in true form and in my stlye (for a laugh)


i've not posted anything in a while. we were busy on finishing our multple sclerosis animation and then i went home. in the last few weeks ive been working on my own independant writing and 2d line tests to keep myself in a productive flow as i don't have any work on. i've replied to a few ads and competitions but have either been rejected or havent heard from the reciprients. oh well. here is a link to a short reel of work from our now COMPLETED ms doc animation.

also i was at a showing of the witches in south shields. it was great, not only was seeing the animation jurate and i worked on on the big screen great, but also seeing the 4 great educational and entertaining episodes that asynchronous films worked so hard to produce and film was great aswel.

here is a link to our ms documentry showreel on ODDBALL MEDIAs webiste blog.