Heres a few characters. from left to right: Warrick, Petulia and Carlto. the two on the right are the main antagonist and protagonist. Warrick is a secondary character and serves as a rival of Carlton. my design of Warrick has changed considerably as i thought the mohawk would best suit a character i have who is a school bully. so i've given Warrick a typical slick teachers pet hairdo. ive changes Petulia's colour as Carlton is also green and i want the main characters to all have various colour themes. Carlton is green, Felix is now red, Hewitt olive and brown colour

More C'est l'angletere

more drawings from the weekend. these are from my ongoing, ever changing series idea Cestlangleterre set in the 20s in an alternate history timeline. ive been trying to adapt my character design on the whole so here are some sketchy concepts. unfortunately i don't have a tablet yet so all these recent posts are in thier black and white sketch form. i hope to have some nice finished designs by the weekend.


This was an excercise in proportions and head heights i want to start applying a sticter rule to myself about it so i just drew the same character from age 1 to about 20 to make it interesting.

Random Characters

these are just random drawings of characters from Cest langleterre. this was an exercise to make more interesting poses rather than falling into my habit of just drawing untinteresting standing facing the right poses i tend to do ouot of lazyness.