Building drawing

for the past two days ive been drawing this, it started off as a test piece to try out some things on photoshop but as soon as i got started i had to keep going. thing is, its not 100% done yet, i could stop now and be happy but i think it needs more ie gutters and an old victorian lamp here and there, and pipes to make it look more in keeping with the theme of the story it would be sett in, i should also use this as an opertunity to see how characters would look with the backgrounds.

Concept Characters and a random background drawing

heres some new work. two are concept images of an animation ill be doing soon of the frog prince, the other is a random background drawing istarted doing out of boredom and led to what it is.

More random old-timey characters

Aside from the nursry Rhyme animations i've been doing, ive still managing to carry on with some random character designs. these were the last batch i did a few days ago. some have a few problems with the anatomy etc but with the excercise, i focused more on playing with lighting techniques with brushes and coming up with as many ways of characterization and clothing for various characters.

An aviator and a sailor

Ive decided to draw various character designs that fit into the Cest Langleterre concept i work on (basicly kids in an alternate history in the early 20th century) the two ive recently drawn are kids obsessed with two big forms of transport of the 1900s-1920s aviation and sailing. i guess my next one will have to be a boy who's mad about trains.

Concept Art for Hey Diddle Diddle

Heres some character design concepts for my latest animation, Hey Diddle Diddle for OxbridgeBaby