for the last few days i've been drawing this, it was mostly an attempt at making photoshop backgrounds look painted, using various layers in different opacities and brush colours.


Ive been researching images of the Blitz's in world war two and thought of drawing up a piece based on it. the stories of the children that livd through it has always interested me and im considering researching more and maybe writing a story based on it.This image took three days to do and though i cut corners with textures for the walls, im pleased to say that every brick in the rubble is hand drawn (though they are copy and pasted to make depth )


here's a piece of concept art i drew today. i started off just wanting to draw water and after getting annoyed with working out perspective i decided to draw this head on layout of a worn old pier. the drawing was also a chance for me to work out my ongoing experiments with how to incorperate texture. though there are a few bits that can be worked on, toned down and even re-done, it is just an experiment.

My attempts at illustrator

Ive been messing about with illustrator lately for two reasons,
one, to get finally get my head around it

two, theres a chance ill have to learn it for future work.

here are my first illustrator drawings. one of a typical character i would normaly draw, the others of animals in a childrens style.