Wizard of Oz Character Designs

Continuing on with my character sketches to keep me drawing, I've decided to start on characters from well known stories (preferably from the public domain)
Ive started with the main characters from the Wizard of Oz, one of my favorite stories as a wee kid.

Frozen Planet, Skyrim and more random character sketches

Today is day two of my character sketch week. Not as many today as my brain has been a little distracted. Still, some drawings are better than none.

Random Character Sketches

After a week at the Bradford Animation Festival, I'm all inspired and want to be CREATIVE as possible! only problem is that I have Skyrim also, so I've sent myself away to Gateshead to work and decided to just draw a lot of random characters to get back into quick loose character design sketching (which i love to do so much) anyways, here are all the ones i did today, plus an extra of a hooligan boy.

Drawing and colour experiment

I've spent the day messing with colour and drawing style, this post shows the stages of drawing.

The Mullan Siblings

Here's a line up of the Mullan Siblings. From left to right; Francis, Kerry, Ryan, David and Holly

Three Characters

I drew these a few weeks ago so i decided to colour and shade them a bit and put them online. It's nothing special just designs that I'm gonna use for each character for the series Bible which i have pretty much written but haven't started designing yet.

Some high camera perspective shots

A few weeks ago i started drawing scenes from stories and ideas I've been writing on and decided to start doing interior perspective drawings. These two images are in the protagonist's house. They probably need some shading done on Photoshop but for now i'm leaving them as line drawings.

More little sketches

Again nothing much, just more pop culture sketches to pass the time. this time it is coen bros films, the seocond one is companionship in 80's cinema

Characters from some books that i've read

Here's a little sketch of some characters from books. i obviously couldnt put characters from every book ive read in, just a few that came to mind. they are from left to right : Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye, Will and Lyra with Pan from His Dark Materials, Mitsko from Battle Royale, Scout from To Kill a Mocking Bird, Pip from Great Expectations, Dorothy and Toto from The Wizard of Oz and Piggy from Lord of the Flies.


Heres a wee sketch of some HBO characters (Walter white isnt HBO but i dont care :P)

Boyd final concept all coloured in

I spent a few hours doodleing on the tablet toady and decided to draw over and colour an old concept drawing i did a while ago. so here it is.


Just a couple of images of two main characters. these are images of their nasty fight they have shortly after they meet. 

Illustrative Style for some characters

I've been writing and writing this week and i'm kinda ready to plan out a bunch of story panels. I've got the beginning of a story written now and I have started getting FINALIZED drawings for my characters so I've gone for a more illustrative style for them. Here are the first two characters that appear.

More Finalized designs

Here's a few more sketches of finalized character designs, won't go into too much detail,I just wanted to post them quickly so i can get on with other things, like actual paid work.


Two Character Sketches

Here's two results of character designs i've developed after a frustrating week trying to come up with a look i'm happy with. the one on the right is finally a look i'm happy with for that particular character, who has never been drawn the same twice because i've never been happy with the look. My plan is to get final FINAL designs done for all the characters like this, and get them done digitally. 

A few Characters thrown together

Just a Photoshop edit of some final characters in a set together. i should have a lot more by this stage really, most of them are all still sketches in my book.


Here's the start to my tent drawing all coloured, as you can see there are NO LINES. i wish it was finished but i've had a long day cleaning and cant keep my eyes focused on the laptop any more today. Hopefully the next post will be a finished piece

Background design experiment

Here's a line drawing of a background. i want to use it to play with how i'm gonna do background art. Today im going over it in photoshop without drawing out lines, basically recreate it totally in colour, will post the outcome later, or when it's finished.

Characters, The Clawson Twins. Coloured and with another lazy background fitted in

Here's two other characters coloured and with another quick and thoughtless background in. makes me realize how i really need to gte abck into doing my own backgrounds again. maybe I'll do one next with an actual drawn background, still, these were mostly just a means of getting used to the tablet. these characters dont look very post apocalypticy, but part of my story i want to write and storyboard will show characters deteriorating and getting scruffier and dirty, this is almost a before picture. maybe i should do before and after pictures. hmm

Character Keith, all coloured with quick background

Here's a character for an independent project im working on all coloured in and that. i shoved a quick photo background of the walls of derry in rather than a plain coloured background, would take more time to add a drawn background but wanted to concentrate on using my new tablet and getting used to it etc.

Quick character sketch

Lately i've been getting back into character drawing after quite an absence. I did this whilst relaxing in the good weather we've been having but have been away from my tablet to finish it. Getting my tablet today so maybe i'll have a finished version done within the week.

Photoshoped characters

Here's some proper coloured versions of the previous character designs I posted before, there are some colours im not sure about with the characters and I think that even though they are a pain to draw, the tall female character needs to go back to dreads.

New Month, New Independent Productive Streak

Here's a line up of some of the characters i've been developing lately and havn't worked on since April. Now that i've no immediate work on the go this month, i've decided that i have to devote all my time to personal work.

Book Illustration Commission

I've decided to upload some of the illustrations I've been working on for a children's book about a group of kids in the 19th Century who worked in mines. Hopefully these will be the first of many more book illustration commissions i get in the future.

Characters Around Campfire COMPLETED

here is the final rendering of an illustration of most of the main and supporting characters i've come up with recently for a project i want to get working on over the summer.Could have spent more time making each character's grime and dirt better and made a nice background but i need to stop concentrating more on this project and focus on others that i'm close to completing.

Campfire Characters, coloured

I spent today drawing and colouring my characters rather than doing paid work. still have loads to do on this but will leave it at this for the moment.


Heres a rough sketch of my main and supporting characters for a story i'm trying to develop about 4 to 15 year olds building their own society in POST APOCALYPTIC ness. yes i've stepped into that world but theres not going to be the usual crap in that genre like mutants, lazers, goggles and jazz music. Im trying to make it character driven rather than content driven. so heres all but three of the essential characters all together in one shot. from left to right, Sheriff Reynolds, the Clawson twins, Callum, Andrew, The Mullan family, David, Kerry, Francis (with sister Karrie sleeping)and Ryan and finally Elisha. I need to add Martin, Mark (who ive not finalized yet) and Boyd but ive already drawn her sitting anyway so ill just add that drawing after when im ready to draw it neatly and colour it.

Boyd Coloured

Just a character i coloured today to kill some time.

More Character sketches for a story i'm trying to nail

here's some sketchy drawings of some main and supporting characters of a story idea i'm trying to develop. I have my big idea and know how i want things to pan out but i want the story's to be character driven so i'm spending more time and effort making them as interesting and dynamic as i can. heres a few new ones anyways.

Older characters now coloured

Just the characters coloured, unfortunately my tablets still messed up and lost its pressure sensitivity so this is about as detailed as i can get. Think i may need to invest in a new tablet.