Character Designs

More design Concepts sketched last night just before bed

The good doctor, over worked and under qualified, using her teeth to open a beverage

Three more designs, two are slightly developed versions of characters i've already drawn, the bottom one is new.

The Puppet Didn't Move

Have's and Have Not's

Just two side characters for C'est L'angleterre.
that represent the have's and have nots of Victorian/Edwardian society. The one on the left is a parlour maid for the boarding school that the boys all fancy, the other is a spoilt rich girl with a hideous porcelain doll.

Squid Sickness at Costa Coffee

Here's the final illustration of a girl throwing up a squid or something outside a costa coffee, I didn't start drawing the background so I just made this one very quickly so I could get the image up in colour.

Strange 3am-5am drawing

Ellis Island Finished

Ellis Island

Ive taken my sketch and put him in a setting. i decided to put him on a dock like he was just off the boat, i initially had another harbour in the background but changed it to the statue of liberty, meaning the boy is an immigrant on Ellis Island. The image isn't finished yet, i'm going to add texture, shadow and detail soon.


Ive been sketching characters again as i miss the SENSATION. its a different way of drawing than the tablet, alot more free and satisfying i think. here's my favourite sketch of the day, coloured in photoshop.

Concept art

I started looking at how to make a certain look for a background and sort of went from there, i like the silhouette look as its detailed enough but not overly detailed with every roof, light etc drawn in. the character smoking is like Carlton only far too old looking i did a more realistic character first and it looked pretty bad so i decided to see what my Cest Langleterre chatacter would look like on it.