Characters Around Campfire COMPLETED

here is the final rendering of an illustration of most of the main and supporting characters i've come up with recently for a project i want to get working on over the summer.Could have spent more time making each character's grime and dirt better and made a nice background but i need to stop concentrating more on this project and focus on others that i'm close to completing.

Campfire Characters, coloured

I spent today drawing and colouring my characters rather than doing paid work. still have loads to do on this but will leave it at this for the moment.


Heres a rough sketch of my main and supporting characters for a story i'm trying to develop about 4 to 15 year olds building their own society in POST APOCALYPTIC ness. yes i've stepped into that world but theres not going to be the usual crap in that genre like mutants, lazers, goggles and jazz music. Im trying to make it character driven rather than content driven. so heres all but three of the essential characters all together in one shot. from left to right, Sheriff Reynolds, the Clawson twins, Callum, Andrew, The Mullan family, David, Kerry, Francis (with sister Karrie sleeping)and Ryan and finally Elisha. I need to add Martin, Mark (who ive not finalized yet) and Boyd but ive already drawn her sitting anyway so ill just add that drawing after when im ready to draw it neatly and colour it.

Boyd Coloured

Just a character i coloured today to kill some time.

More Character sketches for a story i'm trying to nail

here's some sketchy drawings of some main and supporting characters of a story idea i'm trying to develop. I have my big idea and know how i want things to pan out but i want the story's to be character driven so i'm spending more time and effort making them as interesting and dynamic as i can. heres a few new ones anyways.

Older characters now coloured

Just the characters coloured, unfortunately my tablets still messed up and lost its pressure sensitivity so this is about as detailed as i can get. Think i may need to invest in a new tablet.

Some recent character designs

Heres a few recent character designs i've drawn in my spare time, some for independent work and for a pitch of a job i applied for but sadly didn't get.

Recent Commissions

Here's a few illustrations i drew for a small commission last week. it was all done in a single day and I've learned from it that i don't like drawing cars.