Here's the start to my tent drawing all coloured, as you can see there are NO LINES. i wish it was finished but i've had a long day cleaning and cant keep my eyes focused on the laptop any more today. Hopefully the next post will be a finished piece

Background design experiment

Here's a line drawing of a background. i want to use it to play with how i'm gonna do background art. Today im going over it in photoshop without drawing out lines, basically recreate it totally in colour, will post the outcome later, or when it's finished.

Characters, The Clawson Twins. Coloured and with another lazy background fitted in

Here's two other characters coloured and with another quick and thoughtless background in. makes me realize how i really need to gte abck into doing my own backgrounds again. maybe I'll do one next with an actual drawn background, still, these were mostly just a means of getting used to the tablet. these characters dont look very post apocalypticy, but part of my story i want to write and storyboard will show characters deteriorating and getting scruffier and dirty, this is almost a before picture. maybe i should do before and after pictures. hmm

Character Keith, all coloured with quick background

Here's a character for an independent project im working on all coloured in and that. i shoved a quick photo background of the walls of derry in rather than a plain coloured background, would take more time to add a drawn background but wanted to concentrate on using my new tablet and getting used to it etc.

Quick character sketch

Lately i've been getting back into character drawing after quite an absence. I did this whilst relaxing in the good weather we've been having but have been away from my tablet to finish it. Getting my tablet today so maybe i'll have a finished version done within the week.

Photoshoped characters

Here's some proper coloured versions of the previous character designs I posted before, there are some colours im not sure about with the characters and I think that even though they are a pain to draw, the tall female character needs to go back to dreads.

New Month, New Independent Productive Streak

Here's a line up of some of the characters i've been developing lately and havn't worked on since April. Now that i've no immediate work on the go this month, i've decided that i have to devote all my time to personal work.