Sketch Dump of the Day

Here's an array of sketches I drew out today. (Top Left) Triceratops with girl riding on top. (Top Right) Gemini girls. (Bottom Left) Jojen and Meera Reed from A song of Ice and Fire. (Bottom Right) Series of faces and poses of characters.

Did you hear that?

Finalized drawing of two boys scavenging. These two aren't any particular character but i wanted to do more concept stuff for a post apocalyptic story. 

Some sketches

Here's a few drawings i did over the last few days.
Below is a drawing of a T Rex, thought I would just put a wee boy on its back as the idea of owning a Trex is pretty fun.

Dis you hear something?

Below are just some random faces, In keeping with my Song of Ice and Fire obsession, I ended up drawing a few characters from it again. Bottom Centre is HODOR and the bottom left is Ygritte.


Here is an illustration of Paris I did for a book last month. this is part of a series so ill be doing alot more interesting scenes like this in the future.

A Song of Ice and Fire Fan Art Sketches

So since October I have been reading the brilliant "A Song of Ice and Fire" Book series. I'm on book three now and I'm loving it. earlier this week I was bored and decided to design some of the characters from the book in my own style. They are based on how I imagined them from the book and dont necessarily share any likeness with the actors who portray the characters in the HBO series "A Game of Thrones"
These are interpretations of the Stark children, the protagonistic family. from left to right; Robb, Jon, Sansa, Arya, Brann and Rickton.

Below are more, (top left) Jaime Lannister, (top middle) Prince Joffrey and smitten Sansa with Lady, (Top Right) Daenerys Targerian, (Bottom Left) Tyrion Lannister and Bottom Right is Brann again, seeing something he shouldn't have through a window.