Finished Portraits from "A Song of Ice and Fire

I've been drawing my own renditions of characters from "A Song of Ice and Fire" I have finished 14 so far and hope to make a lot more whenever I have free time. here are the current 14

Arya Stark
Asha Greyjoy
Cersei Lannister
Daenerys Targaryen
Jaime Lannister
Joffrey Baratheon
Jon Snow
Robert Baratheon
Roose Bolton
Samwell Tarly
Sansa Stark
Stannis Baratheon
Theon Greyjoy
Tyrion Lannister


Not sure why teh idea came to me but i decided to draw the pantheon of Greek Gods today, the one I liked most was Artemis, the Greek Goddess of the hunt. I decided to give it some colour and post it up on the blog, so here it is.


Here's the second city scene from a series of children's books I'm illustrating. 

In each middle section there are a few hidden items and three children from the story in the pictures.