Character head sketches

I've been sketching out some original character sketches over the last few nights, here are  a dozen that i've done, some ive never even drawn before but all are from the same story idea that has been building in my head for the last year now.

Keith and Elisha, character concepts

Wanted to try out a variation on colouring today, so took my Saturday night and Sunday to draw these and colour them, Stock photos are something I' going to have to tell my brain to find more often, I can not draw braids from imagination AT ALL.

Character's lifespan

The first 45 years of a female character's life.
from 1900 to 1945

Sketch Dump

Another sketch dump, mostly character faces made from randomly made up head shapes.  


Sandor and Sansa

Scene of Sandor and Sansa from a chapter that was oddly changed in Game of Thrones

Eat Me

Quick sketch based on Lewis Carroll's Alice stories.